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August 14, 2013
This Just in....

  • A fund raiser for Tess Lunt! Tess loved Hitman Club Night at The Other End Bar and Grill in Heber City, so lets show some love :) all funds will help with the hospital costs and an account for her daughter.
    A fund raiser for Tess Lunt! Tess loved Hitman Club Night at The Other End Bar and Grill in Heber City, so lets show some love :) all funds will help with the hospital costs and an account for her daughter.
A fund raiser for Tess Lunt! Tess loved Hitman Club Night at The Other End Bar and Grill in Heber City, so lets show some love :) all funds will help with the hospital costs and an account for her daughter.
A fund raiser for Tess Lunt! Tess loved Hitman Club Night at The Other End Bar and Grill in Heber City, so lets show some love :) all funds will help with the hospital costs and an account for her daughter.


~~(@Tess Lunt@}~~

December 1981 - July 28th 2013

On a sunny July morning Tess Marie Lunt slipped from her mortal body. Tess stopped to embrace her daughter Jalisse I. Palonco, and caress the hair of her beloved “niece” Teagan M. Allen before rushing to the open arms of her Grandmother Patsy J. Lunt, and Cousin Peter J. Rodriguez. Tess had a strong body and after her official death was pronounced on July 29th, 2013. Tess was able to provide miracles for many whose lives were saved by her organ donation. Tess was a beautiful spirit whose bright blue light burned out too soon. She not only enjoyed her work as a devoted caregiver with Rocky Mountain Care, but was the bubbly star while working at Subway. Tess was the daughter of Philip J. Lunt and Cheri A. Landry, but was raised by her Grandmother and Grandfather Jack G. Lunt. Tess waits in heaven to be reunited with her Aunt Valorie A. Rodriguez, cousins Daphinie C. Walton, and Hilary Horrocks. As well as her cherished “niece” Devin J. Walton and “nephews” Rocker D. Horrocks and Morgan W. Walton.


Good Video

Dale's Rants And Raves

KFC to retire the Colonel:

  That's just not right. All the fast food chains are dumping their mascots, because liberal parent groups are trying to tell us what to eat. They want to stop their kids from eating at these places. 

  I'll admit, McDonald's food sucks, but why prevent your kids from deciding that for themselves? 

  If your kid eats only carrot sticks and drinks soy juice, then they are going to be grotesquely underweight. A lot of them have fast metabolisms anyway. I was skinny from age 9 to 23. Some idiots tried to feed their baby soy apple juice, and the baby starved to death. 

  Stop telling your kids and us what to eat and how to eat. The average person lives to around 75 years anyway. The rest of them die early from cancer, auto accidents, genetic disorders such as heart disease and diabetes, or murder. 

  Let us all live how we choose to live. What's next? Retire Little Debbie or the Pilsbury Dough Boy? Make everything come in bland, generic packaging? Life is too boring that way. Kids should be allowed to be entertained by the Hamburglar or Ronald McDonald. I always thought that fast food mascots were hilarious, when I was little. Grimace kind of scared me though. 

  When most of us are toddlers or grade schoolers, our concerns aren't "Oh no, this is going to make me fat!" No. We get the meals for the toys and prizes and we like watching the silly mascots for amusement. Stop trying to ruin the lives of young children and make them grow up too soon. Most of them will be having sex and doing drugs by the time they are in high school anyway.

Read more: http://punkiefister.proboards.com/thread/723/kfc-retire-colonel#ixzz2ZhvqP9Dv

Today is National Creamsicle Day

It’s National Creamsicle Day! This enjoyable frozen treat is the perfect way to sit back, relax, and cool down on a hot August day. The combination of vanilla cream and fruity ice is pure genius! Creamsicles are not hard to find, but they are also easy to make at home. Mix together fruit juice and vanilla ice cream in a large bowl. Then, gradually add milk and continue to mix. Finally, pour the mixture into small paper cups and place them in the freezer. Once they are partially frozen, insert popsicle sticks into them and place them back inside the freezer. When they are frozen solid, peel off the paper cups and enjoy the creamsicle! Happy National Creamsicle Day!


Goood T.V.

Motive is a police procedural drama following the investigations of working class single mother Detective Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman).[7] Each episode reveals the killers and victims at the beginning, and the rest of the episode details the ongoing investigation, the killers' efforts to cover up the crime, and slowly reveals the events leading to the crime via flashbacks.[8] This format is similar to that of the TV series Columbo

Good Movie

The Wolverine is a 2013 American-Australian superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Wolverine. It is the sixth installment in the X-Men film series and the second film headlining Wolverine. Hugh Jackman reprises his role from previous films as the title character, with James Mangold directing a screenplay written by Christopher McQuarrie, Scott Frank, and Mark Bomback, based on the 1982 limited series Wolverine by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. In the film, Logan travels to Japan, where he engages an old acquaintance in a struggle that has lasting consequences. Stripped of his immortality, Wolverine must battle deadly samurai as well as his inner demons.

Good Food

  • Brownie in a mug

    2 tablespoons butter, melted 2 tablespoons water 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 dash salt 4 tablespoons granulated sugar 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour Directions: 1 In a 12 oz coffee mug, add water, butter, vanilla and dash of salt. Whisk well. 2 Add cocoa powder, whisk well. Add sugar, whisk well. Add flour, whisk well. 3 Microwave for 60 to 90 seconds. Center should be slightly molten. Careful not to overcook. 4 Enjoy with a spoon. Careful brownie will be hot

Good Song


Good Quote

Word Of The Day

Hate Hug

A hug given as an unavoidable social grace even though one or both people engaged in the hug hate each other and would not willingly hug if they were alone. Characterized by being a very fast and "going through the motions" hug with as little contact, duration, and eye contact as possible.

That girl Angela that hates me showed up unexpectedly when I was out with coworkers having a drink. When we were all leaving she hugged people goodbye but gave me a hate hug.

Today's Horoscope

Funny Stuff

Celebrity Birthday

Mila Kunis 30

That 70's show actress who also does Meg's voice on Family Guy.

Something You Might Not Know

Japanese researches have sucessfuly developed a technology  capable of illustrating images taken directly from human brains during sleep.

Fun Thing To Do

Fill your mouth with whipped cream, then run down the street screaming "I HAVE RABIES"

Good Book

Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner of Virginia, gets involved in the case of a brutal stabbing death in Richmond of romance writer Beryl Madison. Then, Madison's greedy lawyer accuses Scarpetta of losing his client's latest manuscript, an autobiographical expose of Beryl's early life as protégé of a legendary novelist. As more deaths occur and the killer closes in on her, Kay finds herself also having to deal with the unexpected reappearance of long-lost lover Mark James. Scarpetta soon finds herself living Beryl's nightmare.

Fun things to make

  1. Gather the supplies. You will need plastic spoons, a candle, matches/lighter, and a glass object 
  2. Light the candle.  As long as there's a flame.
  3. 3
    Put the spoon head over the flame and when it starts to dis-fourm pinch it into a bud then snip the handle.
  4. 4
    Put anther spoon over it, then pinch back into a petal making each longer as you go.
  5. 5
    Every once and a while, put the rose over the flame to connect the rose by putting it over the candle then tapping on the glass.
  6. 6
    Enjoy your rose.